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Why should you use a hand chain hoist?

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Portability is the principal reason for use of hand chain hoists over powered hoists.

Initial cost is another important reason why hand chain hoists are often chosen over powered hoists.

Hand chain hoists provide excellent spotting capability.

They need little maintenance.
Repairability for premium models is excellent.
Flexibility of operation.

A hand chain hoist has no electrical components to cause sparks or arcing in explosive classified areas.

When should you use a hand chain hoist?

When electric or air power is not readily available.
When portability and flexibility are the key concern.
When initial cost is an overriding concern.
When precise spotting of the load is required.
When long lifts are not required.

For temporary uses such as installations, portable job boxes, etc.

Which hand chain hoist should you use?
Use an economy model when initial cost is important but repairability and high efficiency are not.
Use a premium model when dependability and quality are important considerations.
Use one with a rated capacity no greater than the structure on which it will be placed.
Use one with a capacity sufficient for the job at hand.

Use one with an effort required, that is suitable for the operator. electric hoist

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